Homeless Advocacy Project (HAP) - Legal Services to Help Break the Cycle of Poverty and Homelessness in Philadelphia
Tom Duffy and HAP's staff attorney Neha Yadav

The Duffy Fellowship at HAP

The law firm of Duffy + Partners, through its founder, Tom Duffy, is committed to making a difference in the City of Philadelphia through its work on behalf of the catastrophically injured and also through service to many charitable organizations.

In 2012, the “Duffy Fellowship” was established, where the firm underwrites a staff attorney's salary at the city’s most well-regarded legal service organizations.

In 2014, HAP was awarded a Duffy Fellowship, with the addition of Staff Attorney Neha Yadav Chiaramonte. Neha works exclusively with homeless veterans in Philadelphia, assisting with various legal claims, including compensation/pension issues, SSI/SSDI outreach and recovery programs. 

If your organization would like to establish a similar fellowship, we welcome you to contact us.

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